In this video, Divorce Attorney Lawrenceville David Ward answers, "What Kind of Information Should You Be Gathering in a Divorce?"

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Hi, I am Dave Ward from the Ward Law Firm, and I protect business owners who are facing divorce. In the series we been talking about the three frequently most asked questions that I get from people who are facing a divorce. We are going to shift gears a little bit now and talk about the four questions that you should be asking. Question number one that you should be asking is: What sort of information should I be gathering? A divorce is a lawsuit, it's just a particular kind kind of lawsuit. And like any other lawsuit if the case goes to trial or you have a hearing you are going to be required to prove your case. In order to do this you are going to need evidence. Most often, the best evidence comes in the form of either pictures or the subject of this question and that is documentation. There is no way to list every conceivable document that you may need. There are some that are commonly to all divorce cases. Number one would be a copy of any domestic contracts. What I mean by that is if you have either a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement, you are going to want to have those documents. Copies of your last couple of years of income tax returns, bank statements for the last couple of years are also going to be extremely helpful to determine spending patterns, etc. That is particularity important if you are worried about money being suddenly moved or disappearing from the accounts without any reasonable explanation for why those changes are occurring. The same with investment account statements and retirement account statements. Some other statements that are also important are mortgage statements; if you have car loans or credit cards, having those statements or virtually any type of loan agreement. And of course, for business owners, keeping business records such as invoices, account statements, balance sheets, incoming cash flow statements. All the--sort of--documentation that you would normally save as a business owner. Again, finally what we mentioned earlier: photographs that are related to the divorce. For most of these statements I usually suggest that people start by trying to gather at least the last three years worth of statements. With many companies moving to electronic statements it has become a whole lot easier to obtain these documents, however it is important to remember that passwords can be changed by your spouse which is why i usually suggest printing hard copies and putting them in a safe place where your spouse is not going to find them. Again I am David Ward from The Ward Law Firm and I protect business owners who are facing divorce.

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Whether your divorce involves asset and debt division, financial support, or child custody, the mental and emotional toll can be overwhelming. Having a complete and honest assessment of what to expect throughout the divorce process substantially reduces the doubt and uncertainty that many people experience. Gwinnett County divorce attorney David Ward has the experience to know that even the most complex issues have solutions, and he fights to ensure that your best interests remain the focus.

It is vital to pursue legal matters carefully and consciously with an experienced family lawyer like David Ward who will guide and keep you informed as your case progresses. Unlike most divorce lawyers in Gwinnett County, David Ward has a strong background in finance and accounting. He uses his deep understanding of finances to tackle complex situations regarding property and asset division.

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