We protect business owners facing divorce

This is Dave Ward of the Ward Law Firm. 

Congratulations on taking the time to schedule your Real Case Analysis.  While you are getting ready to come in so we can sit down there are a couple things I am going to ask you to do.  So that way we are prepared when we sit down and we can formulate the best strategy for you.

The first thing I would like you to do when you come into the office is make sure if you have any other legal documents that are related to your marriage such as a pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement, please bring those with you.  That way we can make sure we understand the impact that those things may have on your case.

Also if you would bring just some basic current financial information with you.  That also will be very helpful establishing what certain other things are going to need to be addressed.  So having a good understanding of that is going to make a difference in our ability to help you prepare in moving forward.

We look forward to seeing you.  Thank you for scheduling your Real Case Analysis