Hi, I'm Dave Ward from Ward law firm and I protect business owners facing divorce. Domestic violence is on the rise in the United States. It seems like that's always the news. There are things available in the state of Georgia to help the victims of domestic violence. One of those things is something called a temporary protective order, or a TPO.

A TPO is an order of the court restraining the person from having any sort of contact, whether it's direct contact, in other words calling, texting, emailing, or indirect contact which is contact through third parties such as telling somebody to give a message etc. These types of orders can be sought through the superior courts in your county. Most counties do not charge anything for either the filing or for the service for temporary protective orders on the offending parties, so these are available to anybody that's in need without any regard to somebody's financial ability to pay.

If you're struggling with domestic violence and you've been a victim of it, there are options available to you in the state of Georgia. I'm David Ward with the Ward law firm, and we protect business owners facing divorce.