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In this video, Lawrenceville Divorce Attorney David Ward answers Georgia Child Support Guidelines.


Child support is based on the principle that both parents have a legal and moral obligation to support their children. Georgia’s child support guidelines rely on both parents’ income to determine the amount that one parent pays to the other, but the actual calculation is much more detailed and complicated.

Georgia has specific guidelines that detail how the court will determine the amount of child support. It considers several types of income and expenses for both parents to arrive at a combined adjusted Income. This figure, as well as the number of children involved and other factors, will determine the child support amount.

A lot goes into determining the amount of child support that one of the parents must pay. It is good to have an attorney on your side who can ensure that the court has all of the proper information and considers all relevant factors to arrive at a fair amount.

The parent ordered to pay child support is responsible for paying it until each child reaches age 18. However, if the child is still in high school, the child support order requires the parent continue paying until the child graduates or turns 20 years old, whichever happens first.

Over the years, the children’s needs or each parent’s ability to pay may change. If this happens, parents can petition the court for a child support modification. The petitioner must offer acceptable proof that a substantial change to the in-force child support order is appropriate.

Common reasons for modification can include:

A parent lost a job.
A party's income has changed significantly. 
The child moves in with the parent paying child support.

You can also ask a court to review child support every two years. 

It is important to request and get approval for a child support modification prior to stopping payments, though. Failing to pay could leave the parent in violation of the court order and subject to appropriate penalties. Only a court can modify child support. Which means...


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