Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is one in which the spouses are unable to agree on one or more terms in the divorce. Given what is at stake and the emotional nature of divorce, this is not uncommon. Some cases become very complex and some people must deal with hostile spouses who complicate the divorce process. Georgia divorce lawyer David J. Ward has the skills necessary to deal with even the most difficult opposing counsel to help you move your contested divorce forward.

Are all divorces contested?

No, but many are. An uncontested divorce is one in which the spouses agree on all terms of the divorce. They agree on every issue pertaining to their case, which may include:

Even when a couple attempts an uncontested divorce, it often becomes a contested one because they are unable to come to terms on some of the more sensitive issues.

So whether you are attempting an uncontested divorce, know that your divorce will be contested, or you are already in the midst of a contested divorce, secure legal representation. It is important to get all of the details right to protect your future and avoid future problems (excessive/insufficient alimony; unfair custody agreements, etc.) that might arise if you fail to exercise all of your rights.

Why are contested divorces so difficult?

Aside from the many issues that arise in a divorce (child support, custody, alimony, property division, etc.), this can be a very complicated process because it requires following Georgia’s divorce laws and procedures. A divorce lawyer in Georgia from the Ward Law Firm can make sure you fill out all the right forms, follow the proper divorce process, and secure any evidence you will need.

Doing some pre-divorce planning can help you prepare for this process, but it is no replacement for legal representation. David Ward can help you deal with unexpected surprises during the process, enforce or evaluate any pre-nuptial agreements that are present, and more. He can advise you on sensitive matters like dating during separation and how that might affect your divorce, as well as the legalities of spying on your spouse and whether you can use any of the evidence you gather.

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Divorce is a tough process for most people. There is the obvious emotional toll that it brings, but also the uncertainty and fear that many experience when confronted with a legal process they know nothing about.

At the Ward Law Firm in Gwinnett County, we pride ourselves on giving our clients an honest and objective assessment of their cases. We have found that a complete and honest assessment of the case and what to expect can reduce the doubt and uncertainty that many people experience. It also helps us and you prepare for the legal issues that could arise during the process.

We help clients with all family law matters that arise during a divorce, and can even assist with issues like paternity, adoption, legal separation, and much more. So get the help you need by securing your no obligation REAL Case Analysis with attorney David Ward. Call us now at 770-383-1973 or use our online contact form.