Our practice assists Georgia residents with all aspects of divorce, including child custody, division of property, protecting small business assets, separation and maintenance, military divorce, establishing paternity, alimony and support payments, and adoption of step-children. Learn more about us here.


If you’ve recently decided to divorce your spouse, you may feel concerned about complex legal issues, compromises, and negotiations that may follow. However, an experienced attorney can answer key questions, help you understand your options, and achieve a satisfactory outcome for you.

The legal team at the Ward Law Firm understands how trying divorce proceedings can be, and we are here to help you through like we’ve helped many others. We invite you to start a conversation with us by filling out the online contact form on our website today

Child Custody

Your children are not the ones getting divorced, but they are greatly impacted by your new family structure. The laws concerning child custody are subjective. You need convincing evidence or a court-approved parenting plan in order to protect your children.

The Ward Law Firm believes in putting children first and will fight to make sure that legal custody and physical custody are determined in a way that meets your children’s needs. Let us help you help your kids. Contact us today to schedule a case analysis with an experienced and empathetic Gwinnett County child custody attorney.

Child Support

State laws surrounding child support orders operate under the assumption that both parents have a legal obligation to support their child financially. However, child support disputes may arise from divorce proceedings, custody hearings, paternity tests, and later modifications of support orders. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can help you understand and resolve your child support issues.

The attorneys at the Ward Law Firm know how important it is for a family to find a fair and functional arrangement. Our team has years of experience navigating complex family law and helping families find answers, come to resolutions, and better understand their cases. If you need help establishing a new order, or modifying an existing order, we can help. Call us toll-free today.


Many people filing for divorce have a sincere concern over whether they will be able to maintain their current lifestyles. Unfortunately, Georgia’s alimony laws are particularly complex, and the state doesn't even require ex-spouses to make alimony payments. However, hope is far from lost.

The knowledgeable attorneys with the Ward Law Firm have extensive experience handling all aspects of divorce cases, including spousal support and alimony, and can help you fight for the alimony order you deserve. Contact the Ward Law Firm today to schedule an appointment for a no obligation REAL Case Analysis to discuss your alimony concerns.

Paternity & Legitimation

Establishing the paternity of a child requires you to follow certain legal steps. Parents in Georgia can establish legitimization of the child on the same form they use to voluntarily acknowledge paternity – the VPA. Previously, paternity and legitimization were different steps. After establishing paternity, the father would have to obtain a court order in order to legitimate the child and exercise rights to custody and visitation. Learn the correct procedures involved in this process. 

Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoption is a significant event that can bring a sense of completeness to blended families. However, the stepparent adoption process can be complex and lengthy, requiring a number of important prerequisites and careful considerations. Fortunately, families don’t have to face this challenge on their own; an experienced attorney can help.

The knowledgeable, experienced attorneys with the Ward Law Firm understand just how important stepparent adoption is for everyone involve, and are ready to walk you through each and step of this momentous process. For more information, or to schedule an appointment for a REAL Case Analysis, contact the Ward Law Firm today.

Estate Planning

Without a comprehensive estate plan, you risk having the government step in to make important decisions about your medical care, finances, and what happens to your children and other loved ones after you’re gone. You must act today to ensure your wishes are known. 

Get peace of mind and prepare for the future by working with attorney David Ward to create an estate plan that is personalized to fit your unique needs. Whether you need to create a plan from scratch or wish to update existing documents to reflect a change in circumstances, the Ward Law Firm, P.A., is here to help.