Ideally, you and your spouse will agree on the main points, and the dissolution of your marriage becomes a calm business matter and less of an emotional one. But even if you agree to disagree on some points, being prepared for how to handle every aspect can lessen your stress and protect your rights. Pre-divorce planning in Gwinnett County is an integral part of ensuring you receive what you want and need from your divorce.

Ensure that you have done the following before filing for divorce.

Make a Checklist

One of the most difficult things to do in a divorce is stay organized. Life is chaotic and no one can fault you for forgetting something, but forgetting something in your divorce can be life-changing. Check out this pre-divorce checklist from Pulse Financial Services to give you an idea of the things you should be considering and doing.

Make a Budget

One thing that many people do not consider is how they will live after the divorce. Many people forget that they will only have one income; that they will have to pay divorce costs; and they will likely have to buy or pay for a lot of things they did not have to before, e.g., a second furniture set for the kids, new beds, rent, mortgage payments.

The best thing you can do before divorce is make a budget. Ensure that you have considered all possible costs and that you will have enough money to make it through every month.

Start Considering What You Own and What You Want to Keep

Start gathering any documents you might need as early as you can, e.g., tax returns, bank statements, etc. Start making a list of all of your accounts and assets (both separate and marital) and look into valuations for more valuable pieces.

Once you have made your list of assets, make a list of the ones that you want to keep.

Make Living Arrangements

Determine where you will live following your separation. Learn how much it costs if you plan to stay in the home. If you plan to move out, decide where you are going to live and figure out how much it will cost on a monthly basis. Pre-planning also involves how you will present your situation to the court to gain what you need to maintain as much of your (and the children’s) lifestyle that was part of your marriage.

Start Changing Passwords

There is a good chance that while you were married, you had access to your spouse’s bank, social media, email, and even shopping accounts and she had access to yours. Make sure that you change these as soon as possible to prevent your spouse from transferring your money, posting on social media, or having a shopping spree on your Amazon account.

Even if you do not think that your spouse has access to your accounts or would ever do anything so petty or wrong, change your passwords anyway. Be sure to change your email so that your spouse cannot access your other account passwords through your email.

Decide How to Tell the Children

One of the hardest parts of going through the divorce is telling your kids. It will be difficult no matter what but if you plan out how to tell your children — preferably with your spouse as a united front — you can avoid a potential disaster.

You will also want to consider custody and visitation. Would you rather your spouse had a close relationship with your kids or do you think that your children would be in danger around your spouse?

Where Can I Receive Help Planning?

Pre-divorce planning in Gwinnett County can go a long way in meeting the practical objectives you have for your divorce. Given the emotional land mines that are a part of many contested divorces, having an attorney explain the various aspects of the process will help you reach your desired full settlement efficiently with the fewest complications possible.

If you are seriously considering divorce in Georgia, the better you plan, the better the outcome. Contact the family law and divorce planning attorneys at the Ward Law Firm for a REAL Case Analysis today: 770-383-1973.