Divorce for Small Business OwnersFlorists, accountants, bakers, hardware store owners, attorneys – when they are married they all have something in common. If they own their business, it is at risk of being divided or lost if they get divorced. And if you own your business, then you face that risk too. Divorce for small business owners in Gwinnett County is a troubling situation for all parties involved, from the business owners themselves down to the employees who work for them. But it does not have to be.

Divorce attorney David Ward knows the right approach for small business owners to take to protect their company from serious losses, division, and damages during a personal divorce. Just because your marriage is coming to an end does not mean that your business has to suffer.

The Biggest Mistake Small Business Owners Make Prior to Divorce

David Ward’s first piece of advice for small business owners is to protect your business – but do it the right way. Too many business owners start hiding assets and “cooking the books” in order to try and keep the majority of their business’s value to themselves. The truth is, forensic accounting specialists and your spouse’s divorce team will eventually uncover the truth about your business’s value, and they’ll still come after their share of the assets.

Your best course of action is working with a divorce attorney to start the process of valuing your small business and then taking the best course of action, whether it be to aggressively protect it or to sell, transfer, or divide the business.

Protecting the Business of Professionals

If you are a professional such as an accountant, doctor, veterinarian, or lawyer, you understand that you ARE your business. While you may not think that your spouse could ever take your practice away from you, it is a possibility that you need to be ready to address. David Ward understands how divorce affects these solo practices and helps professionals keep their practice intact through divorce so it is able to continue to thrive even following their divorce.

In Gwinnett County, Let David Ward Help

Divorce is a matter between spouses, and there is no reason your business or your employees should get caught in the crossfire. No matter what type of business you run – private practice, corporation, or LLC – divorce can impact them all, and a trusted divorce attorney can help you protect what matters most.

When you’re facing divorce, it helps to have someone on your side who understands your priorities. Your personal assets, children, investments – they all matter along with your business. Attorney David Ward is here to help you account for and protect your interest in every detail of your marriage up until the final signature on your divorce decree.

An initial consultation is all you need to get a better idea of how you can start protecting your business before you begin the divorce procedure. Do not let your spouse get the upper hand and put your hard work in jeopardy. Call 770-383-1973 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your REAL Case Analysis with an attorney who knows how to protect small business owners in Gwinnett County from losing their empire to divorce.