Child Support EnforcementIf you already have a child support order, but the child’s other parent is not making payments, it can lead to lots of frustration, not to mention severe financial burden. But what are you to do? Fortunately, there are few options when it comes to child support enforcement in Georgia. And family law attorney David J. Ward can help you take action so your child receives the financial support he or she needs.

Child Support Enforcement in Georgia: Asking the Court to Get Involved

This is why it is so important to get a court order for child support rather than verbally agree to a payment arrangement. If you have a court order, you can ask a judge to enforce it if the other parent stops paying or fails to make on-time payments. The court can hold the other parent in contempt, and he might face fines or even jail time as a result.

David J. Ward can help you fill out the correct paperwork and ensure the other parent is served with the motion. He will then have to attend a court hearing to determine if the judge will hold him in contempt of court. Both parents can testify about the situation and the judge will issue a ruling. If you work with divorce lawyer David J. Ward, he will guide you through this entire process.

Child Support Enforcement in Georgia: Enlisting Help from DCSS Services

You can also seek help from the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS). They provide free assistance to those receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); others may have to pay a fee for services. The local DCSS office in Gwinnett County is located at 1000 Hurricane Shoals Road, NE Building A-100, Lawrenceville, GA 30043-4826.

DCSS can help locate absent parents and has the authority to ensure child support payment. Some of the services they provide are listed below:

  • Withhold child support from the non-paying parent’s paycheck or unemployment benefits via an Income Deduction Order.
  • File a lien on the non-paying parent’s property.
  • Suspend driver’s, professional, hunting, fishing, and other licenses, or prevent the non-paying parent from obtaining the license in the first place.
  • Report unpaid child support to credit reporting agencies.

The services that benefit each individual parent will vary depending on the specifics of the case. Ask David Ward about how DCSS can help you and what might be your best course of action.

Contact Lawrenceville Family Law Attorney David J. Ward for Help Enforcing Child Support 

Child support that is paid in full and on time is vital to providing a child with basic necessities. If you find yourself trapped by the child’s other parent who is not paying child support, there are options available to you. Speak with David J. Ward if you are in Lawrenceville or in a surrounding city in Gwinnett County to go over the enforcement options available in the State of Georgia. Call 770-383-1973 or fill out our contact form so you can schedule your REAL Case Analysis.