The last question that people should be asking is, what type or types of experts might I need in order to prepare and present my case? And this is important to ask at the outset because anytime you’re going to be involved with an expert, there’s preparation that has to be done and considerations that have to be made. First and foremost, experts are usually very, very expensive. So knowing at the outset that you may need to have somebody in a particular discipline whether that be a forensic accountant or a certified divorce financial analyst or a child’s psychologist or any other numbers of experts that might be needed in your case, it’s important to know that these people may be needed so you can plan appropriately for the expenses that are going to be involved. It also helps tailor the type of information that you need to be gathering and putting together to be able to present to that expert so they could perform their analysis of whatever it is that is covered by their particular field.

Common Experts Requested for Family Law Case

One of the most common experts that I see, particularly in cases that involve business owners, are either forensic accountants or certified divorce financial analysts and both of these are experts are highly skilled in using all manner of financial documentation including tax returns in order to pinpoint irregularities in parties’ incomes, or in their expenses including things that are related to businesses and business income and expenses. They can be instrumental in discovering hidden assets as well as establishing evaluations for closely held corporations and businesses. The more complex the cases – whether that’s due to a high network or the involvement of one or more business – the more likely it is that an expert of this type is probably going to be needed in your case. So knowing what type or types of experts you’re going to need is an essential part in preparing for a divorce.

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Well we’ve just wrapped up our series on the three most frequently asked questions that I get from people who are facing a divorce as well as the four questions that people should be asking. If you’ve reached this point in the series then clearly there is something going on and I always tell people if you’re faced with the possibility of divorce, the first thing you should look to do is go and speak with an attorney. So if you’re facing the prospect of a divorce and you’d like to know how to start getting prepared, come in and we’ll conduct our real case analysis for you. We will review all of the facts of your case. We’re going to evaluate the legal issues that are present in your case, analyze the strategies that are available to you and give you a list of next steps that you can be working on as you start moving forward in the process. So contact us today!

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