Divorce Lawyers Atlanta

What sets us apart from other law firms in addition to having particular skill set that most of our colleagues do not have when it comes to being able to handle the challenges faced by business owners, the other thing that really separates us from most other law firms is we make it a point to make sure that when you come to us, you work directly with your attorney the whole time.

Now, we’ve found that some people you know are happier with you know or assistance of paralegals etc. and they develop a good relationships and more often than another more comfortable talking and speaking to them about certain types of things but we pride ourselves in making sure that if you have a legal question, you need to talk to your lawyer, you’re going to be able to talk to your lawyer.

You know and obviously, we’re trial lawyers. We have our court schedules and things like that you know. And one of the things that we make sure of is that when we’re working on somebody’s case, we stay focused on that case. So if I’m working on your case, I’m not going to be taking phone calls that or going to distract me from what I’m doing to try and help you in advance your case along. But when people do call in, we do make sure that they get that opportunity to speak with their attorney, get their questions answered, and make sure that they’re answered thoroughly.

David Ward
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