Divorce Attorneys in Atlanta

Well, I think what makes me stand out from other attorneys that are handling divorce cases is my financial background. Unlike a lot of my colleagues, if you talk to a lot of attorneys, except probably the one in section being either tax attorneys or estate planning attorneys, most attorneys hate numbers and they went to law school so they didn’t have to deal with them, etc.

My background is in finance. I have a degree in finance. I worked for years as a financial planner before going to law school. So, I understand numbers in a way that most of colleagues don’t. And when I’m trying to help somebody particularly business owners, it’s critical important to be able to understand the language and speak to the various types of experts and understand what it is that they are telling you in order to be able to provide the highest value that you can to your clients, so that’s probably the single biggest thing that makes me stand out from other divorce attorneys.

What makes me or what I’m particularly good at is clients frequently come to me and go through and we do their real case analysis and I usually come up to the end and I ask, “What sort of questions do you have?” And the most common answer I get is, “You were great. I don’t have any other– you were really thorough and answered everything that I was concerned about.”

So, I really pride myself on being able to provide the information that a client needs, whether that’s somebody who’s simply contemplating a divorce or somebody who’s actually engaged in the process.

David Ward
Georgia Divorce, Family Law and Estate Planning Attorney. Helping Parents Protect The Things That Matter Most