Divorce Lawyers in Atlanta

The kids, helping kids. I really enjoyed that that part of things. You know as an attorney, we’re really very lucky as attorneys. We have a chance to make a profound impact in the lives of everybody who comes to us and needing help with something. And you know, I love being able to do that for my clients and I especially love when I’m able to help protect children and make sure that they’re going be okay. That’s one of the things that I love the most.

The thing that I love almost as much is being able to help other business owners. You know I don’t know that I have mentioned this before but this is the second iteration of the word law firm. I had started a practice in North Carolina that I had for years before I decided to move to Georgia and ultimately closed that one down in favor of coming down here to Georgia.

And having ran my own law firm for the better part of the last 11 years, now I understand the love and the dedication of everything that goes into building a  business and being heaped to help a fellow entrepreneur protect that and make sure that that’s going to continue to flourish even after the divorce process is something I get tremendous satisfaction from.