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How do I view my role in attorney-client relationship? As the attorney, my job is to be an adviser and what I usually tell my clients is all of the important decisions that have to get made in moving through to the divorce process, my clients are going to be the one that makes those decisions.

Examples, decisions to settle a case, not settle, offer this, not offer that, any of those big overarching issues, those are always going to be decided by the client.

My role is to advise my client about what I think is likely to happen under the circumstances, what the options are and then the client can choose what are those things that are going to be important to him.

What risks they’re willing to take, which ones they are because that’s usually the trade-off, there’s risk, decision like that and those are things that I advise the client on but ultimately, those are the decision that the client wants.

On the flip side, there are some decisions that I get to make, most of them have to do with dealing with procedural matters with the court, whether we’re going to give a party an extension of time to do a particular thing or something along those lines, those are decisions that I usually make, but again, those are more ministerial administrative things like that but the big overarching my role is as a councilor and an adviser.

So, those things are really be going to the client.

David Ward
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