A Georgia Divorce Attorney Answers Your Questions

We have the answers to many questions about child custody, separation of assets, division of shared debt, and other concerns shared by divorcing spouses. Visit our FAQ page to find out what you can expect when you separate from your spouse.

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  • How Does David Ward View His Role in the Attorney-Client Relationship?

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    How do I view my role in attorney-client relationship? As the attorney, my job is to be an adviser and what I usually tell my clients is all of the important decisions that have to get made in moving through to the divorce process, my clients are going to be the one that makes those decisions.

    Examples, decisions to settle a case, not settle, offer this, not offer that, any of those big overarching issues, those are always going to be decided by the client.

    My role is to advise my client about what I think is likely to happen under the circumstances, what the options are and then the client can choose what are those things that are going to be important to him.

    What risks they’re willing to take, which ones they are because that’s usually the trade-off, there’s risk, decision like that and those are things that I advise the client on but ultimately, those are the decision that the client wants.

    On the flip side, there are some decisions that I get to make, most of them have to do with dealing with procedural matters with the court, whether we’re going to give a party an extension of time to do a particular thing or something along those lines, those are decisions that I usually make, but again, those are more ministerial administrative things like that but the big overarching my role is as a councilor and an adviser.

    So, those things are really be going to the client.

  • What Makes David Ward Stand Out Among Other Attorneys?

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    Well, I think what makes me stand out from other attorneys that are handling divorce cases is my financial background. Unlike a lot of my colleagues, if you talk to a lot of attorneys, except probably the one in section being either tax attorneys or estate planning attorneys, most attorneys hate numbers and they went to law school so they didn’t have to deal with them, etc.

    My background is in finance. I have a degree in finance. I worked for years as a financial planner before going to law school. So, I understand numbers in a way that most of colleagues don’t. And when I’m trying to help somebody particularly business owners, it’s critical important to be able to understand the language and speak to the various types of experts and understand what it is that they are telling you in order to be able to provide the highest value that you can to your clients, so that’s probably the single biggest thing that makes me stand out from other divorce attorneys.

    What makes me or what I’m particularly good at is clients frequently come to me and go through and we do their real case analysis and I usually come up to the end and I ask, “What sort of questions do you have?” And the most common answer I get is, “You were great. I don’t have any other– you were really thorough and answered everything that I was concerned about.”

    So, I really pride myself on being able to provide the information that a client needs, whether that’s somebody who’s simply contemplating a divorce or somebody who’s actually engaged in the process.

  • What Sets The Ward Law Firm Apart from the Rest?

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    What sets us apart from other law firms in addition to having particular skill set that most of our colleagues do not have when it comes to being able to handle the challenges faced by business owners, the other thing that really separates us from most other law firms is we make it a point to make sure that when you come to us, you work directly with your attorney the whole time.

    Now, we’ve found that some people you know are happier with you know or assistance of paralegals etc. and they develop a good relationships and more often than another more comfortable talking and speaking to them about certain types of things but we pride ourselves in making sure that if you have a legal question, you need to talk to your lawyer, you’re going to be able to talk to your lawyer.

    You know and obviously, we’re trial lawyers. We have our court schedules and things like that you know. And one of the things that we make sure of is that when we’re working on somebody’s case, we stay focused on that case. So if I’m working on your case, I’m not going to be taking phone calls that or going to distract me from what I’m doing to try and help you in advance your case along. But when people do call in, we do make sure that they get that opportunity to speak with their attorney, get their questions answered, and make sure that they’re answered thoroughly.

  • What Does Attorney David Ward Like the Most About His Area of Practice?

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    The kids, helping kids. I really enjoyed that that part of things. You know as an attorney, we’re really very lucky as attorneys. We have a chance to make a profound impact in the lives of everybody who comes to us and needing help with something. And you know, I love being able to do that for my clients and I especially love when I’m able to help protect children and make sure that they’re going be okay. That’s one of the things that I love the most.

    The thing that I love almost as much is being able to help other business owners. You know I don’t know that I have mentioned this before but this is the second iteration of the word law firm. I had started a practice in North Carolina that I had for years before I decided to move to Georgia and ultimately closed that one down in favor of coming down here to Georgia.

    And having ran my own law firm for the better part of the last 11 years, now I understand the love and the dedication of everything that goes into building a  business and being heaped to help a fellow entrepreneur protect that and make sure that that’s going to continue to flourish even after the divorce process is something I get tremendous satisfaction from.