Hi I'm Dave Ward from the Ward Law Firm. And one of the things that I wanted to let y'all know is we take what we do very, very seriously at the Ward Law Firm and we have certain core beliefs here that we operate by and that govern the decisions that we make, how we handle things et cetera and one that I wanted to talk to you about because I am particularly passionate about it is that here at the Ward Law Firm we protect children.

All too often, we see situations where parties are using children as pawns to try and manipulate the other party. To hurt the other party and those types of actions cause immense, immense psychological harm to children. We take that sort of behavior extraordinarily seriously. Number one we don't engage in those types of things. We simply refuse to do that. Children are not pawns in a divorce setting.

They are usually unintended victims of the circumstances. One of the things that we will do in any case where children are involved is we're going to use everything at our disposal within the realms of the law to protect children from those types of behaviors from other parties. So again we do have a number of core values but I wanted to share that one with you because it's one that I am particularly, particularly committed to and feel very, very passionately about. So if you have any other question or want to learn more about me or the Ward Law Firm give us a call. I'm Dave Ward from the Ward Law Firm and we protect children.


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