Hi, I'm Dave Ward from The Ward Law Firm. One of the things that I frequently get calls about has to do with the emotional that family law cases can take on people that are going through them. Family law, whether it is divorce, or child custody, child support, et cetera, affects the things that affect us deeply and emotionally. It affects our security, both physically and financially, and it affects our children. As a result, being involved in these cases can lead to an inordinate amount of stress. While some people are naturally capable of handling high levels of stress, not everybody is wired the same, which is why one of the things that I always tell all of my clients who are going through situations like this is that it is critically important that you engage in healthy self-care.

There are a number things that people can do to help manage the stress that's associated with going through one of these types of cases. One of those things that's sort of an easy thing to do is exercise. We know scientifically that exercise helps people manage with stress. It's an easy way to help try and manage some of those strong emotions that are happening. However, there are situations where that may not be enough, or for any number of reasons may not be an option. And there are a lot of other options, whether that is talking to your physician, or seeing a counselor. Medication may be appropriate, or just simply meeting with a group of other people who may be going through the same or similar experiences, or who have experienced going through it themselves.

There are a number of options available to people to make sure that you're managing your stress properly, and that you're not letting it affect all of the other areas of your life. Because when we get to that point where we're overstressed, it affects everything that we do, and everybody that's around us, including our jobs, our family, our children.

So this is just, I guess, a public service announcement because I do believe it's critically important when you're going through something like this to make sure you're taking time for healthy self-care.

If you have any questions about this, or need any suggestions, I'd be happy to speak with you about that. You can reach me at the number below. I'm Dave Ward with The Ward Law Firm, and we protect business owners facing divorce.


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