We’ve been talking in this series about the things that you can do to help place yourself in the best position possible if you’re facing a divorce.

Number 11 on this list, making major financial commitments or changes. This is important for several reasons. First, whenever we’re facing a divorce even under the best circumstances the emotions are running high and in my experience, people cannot make the best decisions when their emotions are so high and their stress level is usually much more elevated from what it normally is.

Refrain From Making Quick Decisions

By refraining from making those decisions you substantially reduce the chances that you might end up looking bad and regretting a decision that you made or a commitment that you made. There are also some ancillary issues that are more directly related to the divorce and that is the fact that if you start making substantial financial commitments and obligations or changes some of which may be dependent upon something that is being received or involved with your spouse as the divorce goes through and is ultimately finalized – it’s going to raise the question of – are you still able to meet those obligations, or are you still able to deal with the changes that you’ve made. This is one of the things that can really place you behind the eight-ball as you’re coming out of the divorce and it’s one of those things that you don’t necessarily know until the end of the case. I always recommend to people be very, very careful about making any substantial financial commitments or any substantial financial changes while you’re going through the divorce process. In most cases those decisions can wait until it’s over.

David Ward
Georgia Divorce, Family Law and Estate Planning Attorney. Helping Parents Protect The Things That Matter Most
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