At this point in the video series, we’re at step number ten. My contact information will follow at the end. If you’re still watching this video you probably are facing a serious situation. If we go back to our first recommendation – speaking to an attorney early on in the process – I want to let you know that I offer a no-obligation REAL Case Analysis where we sit down together, review the facts, and evaluate the legal strategies that are available to you. We’ll analyze which ones are going to be the most effective in your case and create a list of next actions for you to take.

If you’re at this point and you’re facing a divorce give me a call and we can talk about what we can do to help place you in the best position possible.

Step number ten is to make sure that you’re strict about access to your finances and your credit. It is not uncommon in a divorce situation for emotions run high – people are angry and even bitter. People will do things just to be spiteful and vindictive. One of the easiest things people can do to try and get back at somebody else is either run a tremendous amount of debt or spend down a bunch of assets or even transfer assets so the other party doesn’t have access to them. You want to make sure that your situation is going to be protected from those things happening.

Courts have something called “standing orders” in which they say in no uncertain terms is either party allowed to do these things. But unfortunately those are just pieces of paper and parties can still do those things – even though they do come with heavy consequence due to the court orders. But better not to place yourself in that position. So, if you’re facing a divorce and you’re trying to prepare and put yourself in the best position possible make sure that you restrict access to your credit and make sure you restrict access to your financial assets.

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