A plea of Nolo Contendre or No Contest is similar to a guilty plea with without an admission of guilt.  It is nevertheless a conviction.  Why then would anyone use such a plea?  Simple.  A nolo plea carries certain benefits under Georgia law.

As a general rule, any conviction for a controlled substance violation in Georgia will result in a suspension of your driving privileges.  The one exception is a nolo plea to possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.  By entering a nolo plea and completing a DUI driving school course, drivers can avoid the otherwise mandatory license suspension.  This offers an alternative to conditional discharge agreements, particularly when a driver does not wish to meet all of the strict conditions.

The area that nolo pleas are most often used is in dealing with traffic violations.  A nolo plea may eliminate the assessment of points for a given moving violation, depending on the age of the driver and the nature of the offense.  This may help to save a person’s driving privileges and make it more difficult for an insurance company to discover the violation.

NOTE: A nolo plea will not prevent a commercial license disqualification or suspension.

Finally, as mentioned above, a nolo plea is not an admission of guilt.  This can be particularly important in the case of an accident.  A guilty plea can be used in a civil case or lawsuit to show who was at fault for the accident.  Since a nolo plea does not contain an admission of guilt, it cannot be used against you.

Under Georgia law, you can enter a nolo plea once every five years and such a plea must be approved by the presiding judge.  The Department of Driver Services may ignore the granting of any additional nolo pleas during the same five year period.

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