Kansas Women Say Man Wooed Them and Ripped Them Off

The women in Richard Scott’s life do not have good things to say about him. The former wives, fiancees, girlfriends, and business partners of the 46-year-old Lenexa, Kansas recently filed criminal cases against him in Johnson County District Court. They claim these are just a few of the many examples of how he has romanced and taken financial advantage of women.

According to Jean Hanson, who was interviewed by a local Kansas paper, she found out that Mr. Smith was already married to another woman named Lisa Lenton. Smith failed to tell her about his marital status when she and he flew to Las Vegas to be married in August of 2015. Smith married Hanson while he was still legally married to Lenton. Smith was also engaged to another woman right before marrying Hanson.

After learning that her husband was still married, Hansen was granted an annulment last year in Johnson County District Court. Lenton, on the other hand, said she left Smith after only a few months of marriage, but she has so far been unable to get their union annulled. Now, after the women have been in contact with each other, Hansen says she may have been the eighth or ninth woman Smith has married. In fact, when questioned by police, Smith himself admitted that he was unsure of how many women he has married over time. The affidavit was filed to support the charges of forgery and identity theft against him. Hanson left Smith after he maxed out all her credit cards and emptied their joint checking account. As a result of her relationship with Smith and their joint business venture, she was forced to file bankruptcy.

Grounds for Marital Annulment in Georgia

Annulment is different from divorce in that it does not separate or end a marriage, but it is a legal procedure for declaring a marriage invalid, as if it had never happened. The process treats the marriage as if it had never taken place.

The state of Georgia allows you to obtain an annulment if you were fraudulently induced into marriage, like in the case of Jean Hanson. Examples include:

  • Your spouse lied about his/her ability to have kids;
  • S/he concealed a sexually transmitted disease or an addiction;
  • S/he lied about a prior marriage or is still married to someone else.

You can only file for an annulment if there were no children born out of that marriage. Having kids would require you to file for divorce.

Lawrenceville Georgia Annulment and Divorce Attorney

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