Well, probably the biggest turning point — I started my career doing criminal defense work. And I did it, for really, the same reason that I like doing family law work and that is I really like helping people, particularly people who aren’t in a situation that they can necessarily help themselves with.

And criminal matters are frequently like that but divorce is too because a lot of people don’t really know what their options are or understand how to address different types of situations that they’re going to be confronted with throughout the divorce process. So I really do love that, being able to help people but probably something that was career changing for me.

It’s really a big part of what I now do family law and not doing criminal defense and it’s also a part of why we have certain core values. I talked frequently about a situation, about a client that I often refer to as Jim, that’s not his real name but Jim had a situation where he and his wife were divorcing. She was in the military stationed overseas and Jim had their two small boys in his care. And he came to me on an initial consultation and at that consultation, we were able to do something immediately to help his kids.

At the time, I was doing both family law work and criminal work and as a result of this, I really shifted my thinking and moved towards doing the family law only. And it came down to the feeling I had in knowing, walking away from something I was able in sitting down, doing a case analysis with somebody, able to give them a piece of information that immediately changed the game for him and for his children. That was to contact the chain of command that his wife was a part of in order to get the Army’s assistance in making sure that she was going to continue supporting the children and the household through the process and that they weren’t going to be left out to dry and get evicted from their household, those kinds of things. It was the helping the kids that made the difference for me.

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