Hi, I'm Dave Ward from The Ward Law Firm. One of the questions that I get frequently when people have children, is whether or not the court can put something in the order that would allow them to get a passport if they're dealing with an uncooperative party.


The answer to that question is yes, that can happen, and it's certainly easiest to do while you're going through the actual custody matter itself. Like most problems in the law, it's a lot easier to avoid a problem, than it is to try and come back and fix a problem, which is why here at  The Ward Law Firm, all of our parenting plans include provisions that deal with passports, such as parents cooperating in trying to get those, etc. And if we know we're dealing with somebody who's going to be difficult to work with, having a provision that allows the custodial parent to go and get a passport without the other parent’s signature on things.


So that's one of the things that we deal with frequently at The Ward Law Firm. If you have any questions about your child and child custody matter, give us a call. I'm Dave Ward with The Ward Law Firm and we help parents protect those things that are most important.



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