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This is Dave Ward, from the Ward Law Firm and I help protect the business owner who’s facing divorce.

Divorce is a very, very stressful time. It brings up a lot of emotion and can be very, very difficult for people to deal with. Which is why one of the top ten mistakes that we see is, number eight, and that is failing to deal with stress appropriately.

There are any number of things that are stressful throughout the divorce process. To try and figure and list them all, this could be a three hour video, but fact is, that firstly, every part of the divorce process has, to some degree or another, some level of stress that’s associated with it.

The people that are able to come out ahead, to make good decisions throughout the process are the people who are taking the time to make sure that they’re handling their stress properly. For some people, that means exercise, whether that’s running, going to the gym, swimming, any number of things. There are also groups that people can attend. Support groups, et cetera, that can help people when they’re going through various stages because you’re surrounding yourself with other people who understand what you’re going through, that may have some shared experience that can help you get through a particular stage.

A little farther down the spectrum, sometimes, for whatever reason, we’re not able to handle all of the stress by ourselves and sometimes we need to seek professional help. And when that’s the case, I always encourage my clients to do this and I call this engaging and healthy self care.

If you need help, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to reach out for it. But when it comes to a divorce and dealing with the stress, not intending for any pun, but I can’t stress hard enough how important it is to make sure that you take the steps necessary to see that you’re handling your stress properly.

I’m Dave Ward from the Ward Law Firm and I help protect the business owners who are facing divorce in Georgia. Call us today!

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