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This is Dave Ward from the Ward Law firm and I help protect the business owner who is facing divorce. The seventh mistake that I see people make when they’re getting divorced in Georgia is, they make a number of decisions that are justified only by stating it’s the principle. That usually is a product of some of the emotions that come out throughout the divorce process. There is almost always some degree of hurt. Some degree of anger. Some degree of maybe even of confusion that can lead to people make bad decisions based on this notion that it’s the principle of something.

As we discussed previously in this series courts, when they’re going through and they’re making their decisions, they have certain guidelines that they’re required to adhere to and things that they’re required to consider in going through making decisions that they have to make; whether that is something related to appropriate division or alimony or child custody, child support. Any number of these things, all them have their own guiding principles that are done, but those are the courts guiding principles. And frequently, people can confuse the principles that they’re concerned with such as principles of what’s fair. Things of that nature based on things that aren’t necessarily the course considerations and what this ends up having the effect of is creating unrealistic expectations.

So, if you hear yourself starting to say, I want to do this because it’s the principle of it, almost invariably a bad decision is about to follow when you’re involved in a divorce case like this. So this is why this is number seven on our list of the top ten mistakes we see people make in Georgia when they’re getting divorced.

I’m Dave Ward, from the Ward Law firm, and I help protect business owners who are facing divorce in Georgia. Contact us now!

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