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This is Dave Ward from the Ward law firm and I help protect business owners who are facing divorce. In this series we will be talking about the top ten mistakes we see people make when they’re facing divorce.

Number six, not taking time to fully understand and ask questions about their case. This is a mistake that I see people make commonly because, to be perfectly honest, most people aren’t comfortable when they go to a lawyer and lawyers understand that believe it or not.

Nobody comes to us because they’re riding in on the wings of victory or at least certainly not a family law attorney. They usually come to us in very difficult time of life, that has a lot going on, there’s a lot on their mind and what can end up happening is a result of that is there’s a lot of information to be gathered at the outset and if you’re meeting with an attorney frequently, you’re going to get a lot of information given to you at a relatively short period of time and it can take time to digest those things.

So, one of the things that can help with that, number one, is coming into any case analysis, having a list of questions written down that you want to make sure that you have answered. Trying to remember those things on the spot usually is a very very difficult thing and like I said, it’s because of the amount of information that is usually provided when a case analysis is done.

Another thing that happens is people will often times, even if they come in with their initial questions, they’ll leave the office and suddenly remember something, whether it’s popping up at three a.m. in bed, thinking oh I should have asked this, or what I tell my clients is they’re going to get to their car and think of five questions that they didn’t ask.

So what I always encourage people to do is make sure that any of those questions crop up after a consultation, I am always happy to receive a phone call of somebody who has some follow up questions because that tells me that they’re interested in their own case and they’re trying to educate themselves and that makes them stand apart and puts them in a much much better position because they’ve taken the time to understand all of the things they need to know about their case because everybody’s case is a little bit different and when you come in for a case analysis, you should make sure that it’s your case that’s being discussed and make sure that your case is the one that’s understood. So again, this has to do with the sixth mistake. It is related to not taking the time to make sure that all of your questions are answered.

I’m Dave Ward, from the Ward Law Firm and I help protect business owners who are facing divorce in Georgia. Contact us today!

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