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I’m Dave Ward, from the Ward Law Firm and I protect the business owner who’s facing divorce. In the series we’re still talking about the top ten mistakes that people make when they’re facing a divorce.

And the fourth mistake that I see people make over and over and over again is, believe it or not, lying to their lawyer. And the irony of that is, when you come to speak to a lawyer, most lawyers will tell you that, that everything stays confidential and that we’re going to work to present everything in the best light possible, etcetera.

What people often think, though, is that if I tell my lawyer something or mislead the lawyer in some form or fashion, they’re going to go and they’re going to advocate that that’s the situation they’re going to be able to establish it and that some benefit will be derived from having done all those things.

And what they don’t realize, and this goes back to the video that we had in the third part of this series, which had to do with hiding or destroying evidence and that is that the truth invariably is going to come out. And the way I explain this to my clients is, when I am standing in a courtroom, if there is something that I need to know, particularly a bad fact, this is when this comes up the most, if there is a bad fact, you want me to know that first of all. And for a number of reasons, you want me to be the one that brings it up, so I can sort of take the sting out than rather than waiting for the other side to try and bring these things up.

And the reason why this is such an important thing is because if I’m standing in a courtroom and I find out a bad fact from the other side in the middle of a trial or in the middle of a hearing, you’re going to be stuck with whatever comes out of my mouth at that time.

Now, I’m pretty experienced and I’m pretty trained, but I can tell you, the response that I would have prepared in advance is going to have been light-years better that what you’re going to get from me on the spot finding out something for the first time.

And, like I just said, the truth is going to come out in some form or fashion, so making sure that your lawyer understands all of the facts, the good, the bad and the ugly is critically important to being able to build the best case possible for you to try and get the best result you can get in your case.

I’m Dave Ward from the Ward Law Firm and I help protect the business owner who’s facing divorce. Call us now!

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