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I’m Dave Ward, from the Ward Law Firm and I protect the business owner who’s facing divorce. And in this series of videos, we’re going to be talking about the top ten mistakes we see people make when they’re getting divorce in Georgia.

And the first one that we see people make and this is particularly in cases where people are trying to represent themselves, is failing to follow the rules that the court sets forth and adhering to them strictly. This is a critically important state that we see people make because what they don’t realize is that when you elect to represent yourself, you’re going to be expected to know all the procedural rules of the court. You’re going to be expected to know the rules of evidence and how they applying court and then you understand what your obligations are throughout the legal process.

Most people think that because they’ve elected to represent themselves, that the judge will be understanding or forgiving if they miss a deadline or if they make certain types of mistakes. And the reality is, if you elect to represent yourself, you’re going to be held to exactly the same standard that any licensed and practicing attorney would be held too.

So, this is an important consideration that everybody should give serious thought to, if they’re considering representing themselves throughout the divorce process.

I’m Dave Ward from the Ward Law Firm and I help protect the business owner who is facing divorce. Call us today!

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