The Ward Law Firm, P.A.

When it comes to divorce and family law matters, attorney David J. Ward knows that everyone has different priorities. If you have children, it’s family first. If you have your own business or professional practice, that will feature prominently on your list of priorities. The Ward Law Firm, P.A., helps people in Lawrenceville and across Gwinnett County address every aspect of their divorce so they don’t have to put one before the other. 

The Ward Law Firm, P.A.: Expertise Born from Experience 

We understand that when you hire a divorce attorney, you might be doing so under very stressful circumstances. You need a lawyer who cares about you and what you’re going through. With us, you will receive high-quality legal services and support and access to the resources you need.

We have been providing exemplary family law assistance to our clients for years. We treat every case like it is the most important case we have because it is! Our attorneys prepare every case as if it were going to trial, which is why we have earned a reputation as effective trial lawyers.

We Specialize in Divorce for Business Owners 

We have extensive experience in family law and specialize in divorces involving small business owners and solo practices. When a divorce case involves a small business or private practice, we bring in some of the best business valuation and assessment teams in the industry. We also bring in other experts when necessary to help you protect your business.

The Ward Law Firm, P.A.’s REAL Case Analysis

Our potential clients receive a no-obligation case analysis. This is an opportunity to go over your case in detail with the attorney who will handle your case from start to finish. It is also an opportunity to make sure we are a good match for your legal needs.

We call this our REAL case analysis and it consists of four critical steps:

  • Review the facts of your case. Every case that comes through our doors is unique, and each deserves a thorough review so we fully understand the pertinent details, your goals and fears, and any other information you think we should know.
  • Evaluate the legal issues. Once we go over the details, we can start to discuss the legal issues and challenges that are present.
  • Analyze legal strategies. We call upon our training, experience with past cases, and knowledge of Georgia statutes and case law to identify the legal strategies that are most appropriate for your case.
  • List the next steps. We will thoroughly explain the next steps we will take to move forward with your case, as well as the next steps you should take. We want you to leave our office feeling prepared and confident.

The Ward Law Firm, P.A.’s Promises to Our Clients

  • Expert counsel and representation by knowledgeable attorneys.
  • Return your phone calls within one business day.
  • Honest assessments of cases.
  • Perform all work with care and attention to every detail.

At the Ward Law Firm, P.A., we also pledge that you will always work directly with your attorney. Unlike some firms, we will not hand off your case to a less experienced associate or paralegal.

Small business owners looking for a divorce attorney who knows the importance of business valuation, assessment of company assets and structure, and protection of private practices have a strong ally in the Ward Law Firm, P.A.. If you’re not a small business owner, David Ward is a family man himself and he understands the importance of securing your future and that of your family.

Call 770-383-1973 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a REAL Case Analysis. Once you’ve shared your story with David Ward and his team, you’ll have allies working to protect your interests and priorities as if they were their own.